SEWER REPAIR (Water Heater Houston TX)

SEWER REPAIR (Water Heater Houston TX)

If you need sewer repair, Water Heater Repair Houston TX will do the job well
There are two types of sewage line repairs that can be done in a home, depending on the level of damage to your home’s underground sewage system.
Trenchless Pipe Repair

This is a less invasive repair method that fixes a localized sewage line damage. It is also the cheaper option, though, it may not be ideal for repairing more extensive sewage line damages.

To perform a trenchless pipe repair, our technician simply needs to gain access to a few access points on your property so as to isolate the damage and fix it.

This method saves a lot of time and stress that would have been wasted on excavating the ground. It also minimizes the damage that will be caused on your property.
Traditional Pipe Repair

This repair method is reserved for sewage line damages that are too severe to be fixed by the trenchless method. It obviously involves excavating the ground on your property where the sewage pipes run. It can be cumbersome but the benefits outweigh the cons, especially if you make use of a master plumber like the team at Water Heater Repair Houston TX.

If you need sewer repair, Water Heater Repair Houston TX will do the job well. We are fully licensed and certified to do business in the state. We offer many solutions for customers experiencing such issues as sewage backup or leaking drains. As an added benefit to you, we provide these Emergency services . If you have a backed up toilet during the holidays, you don’t have to wait until after the first of the year to get it repaired. We will do it for you without a sweat

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