Why Does The Toilet Keep Running?

Why Does The Toilet Keep Running?

All of the houses have got a running toilet someday. This happens regularly for many reasons and causes many plumbing damages and even financially, so let us give you a brief about what happens with your toilet.

What causes your toilet to run?

1. Leakage of flapper: this is the common reason behind running toilets; when the flapper gets old, it stops doing its job, which is to pass water from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl, and so if there is any disorder happens with that flapper, the toilet will keep running. In this case, you should replace the flapper with a new one.

2. Float height: Overflow water happens in many houses; this means there is too much water in the tank as you can adjust the water level by adjusting the height of the float. The water level will lower in a toilet as soon as the screw is loosened or tightened. In this case, you need to loosen the screw or clip that connects a column float to a flush valve, push the float down, and tighten everything back up.

3. Refill tube: The function of the refill tube is to pump water into the toilets bowl, so if the tube’s length does not fit in, the refill valve creates a suction effect that pulls water from the fill valve when it is run. In this case, you should shorten the refill tube and trim it off to size the position.

These are the most common reasons that you may have faced, and if you are experiencing one of these cases right now, you should fix your running toilet, or you will be exposed to some risks; you are going to know them in the following lines:

The risks you may face:

1. Possibility of flooding: If you ignore your toilet that keeps running, you may experience a flooding toilet, especially if you have a septic tank, as all of that running water will go into it, causing saturation and failure of your drain field.

2. Blockage occurrence: If your toilet is old and has low flushes or does not flush enough water, that leads to a combination of wastes in the drains. In that case, you may experience a blockage that leads to flooding at any part of your drainage system.

3. High bills: When you leave the toilet to keep running, there is much-wasted water that added to your monthly bill, as you are losing gallons of water and you do not use them, so if experiencing a running toilet, hurry up by fixing it as soon as possible to save money, effort and your time.

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