What Is Common Water Heater Problems?

Too Cold Or Hot Water Temperature

Your water heater is an importantappliance in your home that you use daily. Without your water heater, youcannot take your shower or wash your dishes comfortably.

Whether you have an electric or gaswater heater, there are many water heater problems that you may face. However,there is a solution to every problem so, don’t worry about any water heaterproblem. Here are the most common water heater problems and how to deal withthem properly.


No Hot Water

If you have a gas water heater andthere is no water, check the pilot to make sure that its light is on. If thepilot light is on, you may have a problem with the thermocouple. You can clean or replace it if you want.

In case you have anelectric water heater, check your breaker box. That is because it can be nowater because of the circuit breaker. If everything is good, check the heatingelements and the thermostat to replace the cause of the problem and solve yourproblem.


Water HeaterLeaking

Water heater leaks from the tank orthe bottom.

It can leak when your drain valvegets broken or when there is too much pressure on any of its components. Thisproblem is a complicated one because it needs a specialist to inspect yourwater heater to know the real reason for its leaking.

In this case, it is not advisable tohandle this problem yourself, get the help of a specialist.


Not Enough HotWater

To run out of your hot water duringyour shower is an annoying situation.

In case you get less amount of waterthan you used to get, check the thermostat of your water heater, it can be notworking correctly.

If you want to get more amount ofwater than you get, buy a new bigger water heater. Even if you want to alwayshave hot water, buy a tank-less water heater.


Dirty OrColored Water

Rusty water is a sign that yourwater heater is rusting.

The solution for this case is toreplace the anode rod with a magnesium one. In addition, rotting anode rod causes badodors that you can smell in the water.

To clean your water heater from this smell, deal with thepipes and the tank using hydrogen peroxide to clean them. If you want, you can replace your water heater.


Too Cold Or HotWater Temperature

If you face this problem, check thethermostat. In case you find them too low or too high, modify them as you need.Even if this doesn’t solve your problem, it may be a problem with yourthermostat and you need to replace it.

Moreover,rust and sediment inside your sink aerators leadto low hot water pressure. Check and clean it to get the hot watertemperature that you want.


Noisy Water Heater

Incase your water heater makes noises it can be because of scale buildup orbecause of a leak in your water heater.

Inmost cases, the noise of a water heater is a normal thing. It happens as anormal result of expanding.

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